Today more than ever before, the modern digital landscape provides an abundance of tools, resources, and endless advertising opportunities at your fingertips. In order to gain the best competitive advantage and increased ROI from your marketing spend, a smart digital marketing strategy is necessary for both short-term and long-term profitability. EFS Digital has the best affordable marketing strategies designed to grow your business, and one of the most valuable and cost-effective strategies is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.At EFS, we are experts in Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, specializing in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which give our clients the greatest opportunities for digital exposure, organic website traffic, and ultimately, higher conversions. PPC is optimal for targeting specific audience segments with a laser-like focus, while establishing credibility and building brand awareness simultaneously.


Why Choose EFS For Your PPC Management

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you know the “why” behind effective PPC Marketing (to gain more revenue). But you may not understand the “how” (and that’s where we come in).
You may even be frustrated by time wasted on fruitless online marketing efforts that have failed to provide the results you need to grow your business and gain visibility. At EFS, we use strategic placement of PPC Ads on Google and Facebook to put your product directly in front of the right people, at the right time. We leverage a combination of analytical data, SEO expertise, and our knowledge of buyer behavior to provide measurable results that lead to long-term success.

Why PPC Marketing Is One Of The Best Strategies For Business Growth

Immediate Traction In Your Niche Market

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business startup, or a seasoned establishment, the playing field is fairly even for newcomers to the PPC market. It is easy to start and quick to execute, without prohibitive barriers to entry that may prove too difficult to overcome for companies without a massive marketing budget.

Fast Measurable Results

Due to the unique landscape of modern business, small companies and entrepreneurs often find themselves in direct competition with established corporations. PPC Marketing is an ideal marketing solution for business owners that don’t have the big budget of larger companies, our clients have even seen measurable results.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

When using a PPC Marketing strategy, you will only be charged when a customer actually clicks on your ad. This enables businesses to start small and then adapt PPC efforts as needed to support growth, gain awareness for a product launch, or promote limited time offers. You won’t have the long-term commitment of traditional ad campaigns, so you can easily refine, adapt, and scale on demand.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

We’ll track your clicks, impressions, conversions, and more, to provide you with a complete view of your overall campaign metrics. We’ll review all analytical progress reports that track your ad performance, using the value-driven insights to perfect our strategy over the long term.

The EFS Approach To PPC Marketing

We provide full-service PPC Management designed to provide a customized, research-driven approach for each client.

Comprehensive PPC Audits

An initial part of the process includes performing an in-depth audit to confirm that your PPC campaign is set up for success. We’ll determine the specific goals of your campaign and evaluate your current KPIs and marketing techniques, while ensuring your campaign complies with constantly evolving industry regulations and standards.

Keyword Research and SEO Analysis

Utilization of relevant keywords and engaging SEO-rich content is the best way to achieve PPC success, and our team puts in the work to research the best keyword strategies to align with your company goals.

Optimize Your Quality Score

Space for advertisers on Google and Facebook is limited, and that means ads that have the best performance receive the best ranking positions. We’ll work to optimize your Quality Score and click-through rate, which leads to a higher ad ranking and a lower per-click cost.

PPC Campaign Management

We’ll consistently manage and monitor your campaign performance, keeping you informed of progress at all times, while using current campaign analytics to refine strategies as needed.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

  • Measurable results
  • Pairs well with other strategies, including content management, SEM, and SEO
  • Offers flexibility to start small and scale your spend as growth allows
  • Easy-to-understand analytics provided to help make strategic refinements
  • Increase visibility and expand global reach in a variety of markets and channels
  • Conducive to remarketing for purposes of nurturing leads
  • Affordable, scalable, and effective!
Are you ready to leverage the experience of the EFS Digital team to increase brand awareness, create more conversions, and improve profitability?