Social Media Advertising


Social Media Advertising

The number one goal of every brand is to drive revenue and business growth, while providing an unforgettable customer journey to create lasting loyalty. Companies want to be seen as irreplaceable, so that their customers are less likely to be swayed by the latest products or discounts offered by competitors. Effective social media advertising allows brands to maintain control over the content they present to clients, and then use that strategy to lead clients directly to their virtual doorstep. Social media advertising can put your brand squarely in front of everyone from Millennials, to Gen Xers, to Baby Boomers, and beyond. By leveraging the digital exposure gained from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, EFS Digital will create a social media advertising strategy to drive sales efficiently and effectively.

How Social Media Advertising Drives Profitability

Whether you need to build a new Facebook Business page, post engaging brand content, or clean up your social media page to reflect your brand’s current vision, our research-driven approach will define your target market and identify the best platforms to achieve your goals.

Create Customer Connections

Establishing trust and credibility is one of the best outcomes of a successful social media advertising plan. Your social media pages can be used to directly address customer questions or concerns, run special promotions, and provide an interactive experience that shows consumers you truly care about offering the best possible experience. As you begin to build a devoted following, we can fine-tune your strategy using data from your followers, such as past buying patterns, pages they like, and locations they visit.

Build Brand Awareness

With the right social media advertising approach, you can tell your brand story. However, your content needs to be engaging, consistent, and relevant, while also appealing to your niche demographic. Sound like a tall order? A memorable social media ad campaign can create a lasting impression of your brand for consumers, so that even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase now, they are likely to come back to you later. As we begin building brand awareness and growing online visibility, we’ll test different formats, ad placements, and content styles to identify the strategies that are working, and to reevaluate the strategies that aren’t converting as well.

Powerful Analytics

We’ll track your campaign’s performance through engagement statistics, such as likes, clicks, and conversions, to refine your buyer persona and to see exactly where leads are getting lost in the funnel. Are they clicking through to your site? Do they leave immediately, or do you lose them right before a sale? We track everything meticulously, and can connect every lead and sale to your hard-working marketing dollars. Our diligent approach allows clients to make a big splash in a short amount of time – in fact, we’ve generated leads in the first 24 hours!

We Take Your Social Media Advertising To The Next Level

We are experts in all facets of social media advertising, and our team will leverage every opportunity to make sure your brand is in front of the people who matter.

Engaging Content Creation

With dynamic, SEO-rich content backed by our keyword research and analysis, we’ll execute the best keyword strategy to engage your audience and encourage further interaction. Through meaningful CTAs or integrated links, we can guide consumers to download apps, visit your YouTube channel, or take advantage of sales and limited time offers.

Enticing Graphic Arts and Images

In the fast-paced digital world, your content must be vibrant and creative in order to capture the short attention spans of consumers. Often, you only have a matter of seconds before they scroll on by. We’ll incorporate graphics and images that are colorful and consistent with your brand strategy, taking your customers on a visual journey that wakes up their senses.

Influencer Partnerships

A well-executed influencer partnership will establish brand credibility and reach a new built-in audience. You’ll gain the attention of followers who already trust the influencer as a reliable source of information, and look to them for guidance as they make important buying decisions. Many influencers are experts within a particular niche or micro niche, and EFS Digital can help you identify and connect with the best influencers to grow your brand.

Social Media Advertising Management

It’s supremely effective, but it’s a time-intensive job that requires constant oversight. You can count on the team at EFS Digital to optimize your social media advertising strategy to achieve the best results, while you focus your attention on running your business. We’ll ensure all posted content is relevant to your current messaging needs, while also managing compliance with the constantly changing privacy and confidentiality standards of different social media platforms.

EFS Digital will help you modernize your business strategy with social media advertising to expand your digital reach, build your brand, and improve profitability.